4 Guidelines to Using Mirrors as the Focal Point of a Room

Mirrored Wall Decor

The Leavitt Collection includes mirrors and mirrored wall hangings.

Mirrors offer a cost-effective way to dress up empty wall spaces. You can maximize any space with a simple mirror. They can also be moved around easily. Mirrors are like portable windows that can be re-arranged with your heart’s whims. Anyone can master mirror decorating principles, as discussed in our blog post this summer: Decorating with Mirrors Reflects Your Cutting Edge Style. Today, we add decorating principles on #3 of that post – using mirrors to create a fresh focal point of a room.

When placing a mirror so that it is the focal point of a room, use these guidelines:

  1. Hang smaller mirrors over larger pieces of furniture. By hanging a small mirror over a portion of the existing focal point in your room (the seating, the bed, etc.), it seems less overwhelming. New York City-based 3F Living shows an example in their interior design portfolio of beautiful use of a large mirror as a focal point of a living room. This mirror use opens up the room, making it feel larger, and reflects the natural light.

    Mirror Focal Point by 3F Living

    3F Living’s Design of an apartment at 30 West 63rd Street, New York

  2. Large mirrors are the most dramatic focal points. You can hang a large mirror over a small seating area, such as a reading chair that is an existing focal point of a room. This way, your eyes are drawn to the mirror, providing a sense of structure to the room while still being whimsical with the reflection. It will also seem less cluttered on the walls. Long, rectangular mirrors can easily be hung over a sofa of any size.
  3. The best way to find your perfect decor is to try it on. I will rearrange to try some new things, feel it out for a few days, and change it if I am still unsure. If I find a piece I love, I’ll purchase it, knowing that if it doesn’t work in one place, it will inspire decor in another.
  4. Experiment with variety! You can hang multiple small mirrors in different layouts and formations over the sofa to add a chic modern feel that no one else will have. Experiment with the number of mirrors hung, as well. If you already have a number of pictures and other decor on the walls of the room, use a single mirror with as simple shape.

Mirrors can add a special affect to your home, restaurant, or bar. The Leavitt Collection offers all of our decorative mirrors wholesale, as well as retail. Contact us for wholesale pricing.