14 Eco-Friendly Product Ideas

With Earth Day just passed, and spring reminding us how much we love nature, this is a good time to consider how we can be gentler to the planet. The best place to start is in the spaces we spend the most time, like our own home. We at The Leavitt Collection have started with a couple “green” (environmentally-friendly) practices in our business space. We recently retrofitted all of the lighting in the building, and we always recycle all of our scrap metals.

We always hear talk about using eco-friendly products. Some are obvious, such as recycled paper and dish detergent that is biodegradable. But there are some new ideas in home improvement and fashion that you may want to consider when upgrading your home or adding your wardrobe.

Surprising Sustainable Bamboo

What makes bamboo sustainable? Bamboo is actually a grass, and some species can grow as much as two feet a day! You can read more about it here. There are sheets and towels made from 100% sustainable bamboo viscose and are said to be super soft, durable, and breathable. Here is a lovely bedding set from Dream Soft Bedware and a towel set in bamboo from Cuddledown.

Bamboo Bedding SetTowel Set made from Bamboo

Bamboo is a favorite among eco-friendly housing materials. It can be used to update kitchen flooring and, surprisingly, countertops. Bamboo is harder than maple wood, but much lighter! Look at this beautiful bamboo countertop in a parquet pattern from TotallyBamboo.com, and the gorgeous floor from CaliBamboo.com.

Countertop at Totally Bamboo